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Scott Bulkley took over the reigns of the NHS Boys lacrosse program in 2016 and led the team to the SWC Championship in his first season as head coach.

2016: 11-9; SWC Champions

Glenn Adams was the head coach of Newtown High School Boys lacrosse team from 2010 until 2015. The Nighthawks comprised a record of 83 wins and 35 losses and won two SWC Championships during his tenure.

2015: 13-7

2014: 14-4; SWC Champions

2013: 10-8

2012: 15-5; CT Class L Semifinalists

2011: 17-3; SWC Champions

2010: 13-7

All State Players:

2016: Jared Pearson, Charlie Fletcher, Colin McCafferty

2015: Deegan Beauchemin

2014: Alec Beauchemin; Cameron Partrick

2013: Dan Hebert, Alec Beauchemin, Jack Kearney

2012: Justin Brophy, Trey Trudell, Will Fletcher

2011: Lewis Thompson, Colby Summerlin, Will Northrop, Max Nacewicz

2010: Colby Summerlin

All SWC Players:

2016: First Team: Jared Pearson, Charlie Fletcher, Colin McCafferty, Mark Urso; All Division 1: Matt Meyers, Tucker Garrity, Layton Harrell, Gordon Walsh 

2015: First Team: Matt Meyers, Deegan Beauchemin, CJ Dunn, Nick Rubino, Joey Santella, Matt Bouton, Mark Urso; Second Team: Bubba Condon, Jared Pearson

2014: First Team: Jacob Ball, Alec Beauchemin; Cameron Partrick; Second Team: Ryan Sullivan, Bubba Condon, Nick Rubino, John Rospenda, Matt Bouton; Honorable Mention: Matt Meyers, Deegan Beauchemin, Jared Pearson, CJ Dunn, Doug Miller, Chase Wurtz, Joey Santella

2013: First Team: Dan Hebert, Alec Beauchemin, Jack Kearney; Second Team: Deegan Beauchemin

2012: First Team: Justin Brophy, Trey Trudell, Will Fletcher, Hunter Bassett, Cory Fisher, Justin Spath; Second Team: Dan Hebert, Brendan McNamara

2011: First Team: Lewis Thompson, Colby Summerlin, Will Northrop, Tom Murphy, Max Nacewicz; Second Team: Justin Brophy, Jack Kearney, Will Fletcher, Brandon Body, Dan Sclafani; Honorable Mention: Dan Hebert​

2010: First Team: Lewis Thompson, Colby Summerlin, Max Nacewicz; Second Team: Will Northrop, Dan Sclafani, Ralph Sergiovanni, Connor McNamara, Tim Dalton